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Jacqui and Matthew Willis, Southend

On 29th and 30th July, I was warmly welcomed to stay with Jacqui & Matthew Willis, an amazing couple and the lovely owners of The Brecklate B & B at Southend, Argyll.

Matthew and Jacqui live together with two dogs, Kedge & Kweali and they were the most WP_20160729_17_54_40_Prowonderful hosts l could wish for.

Coincidentally, they also had visiting from Glasgow friends Tom McCombes and Lea Cronin and I had a great pleasure getting to enjoy their company during the dinner time.  All together, we embarked on mackerel fishing during my rest day. We caught a mackerel and a massive seal eating our mackerel and had a good giggle about our experience.

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I spend two days in the company of Jacqui and Matthew and I was fascinated to discover about their wonderful adventures from the time when  they used to work on a private boat and sailed a lot around the world.  Matthew’s job was a mate, while Jacqui worked as a personal chef  for 12 years.  She had a well-regarded professional training and still cooks like a Goddess – the quality and presentation of Jacqui’s meals well deserve the Michelin star award!

Nowadays, Jacqui and Matthew mainly concentrate their energy on The Brecklate B & B.  It is suited in a stunning location near Mull of Kintyre and very popular with tourists.  WP_20160730_12_03_24_Pro (2)Jacqui also enjoys gardening  and cooks her delicious dinners  mainly from the personally grown vegetables.

Please, visit their website for more details:

From the bottom of my heart  I would like to thanks Jacqui and Matthew  for their amazing support, generosity and warm welcoming into their home and sharing with me some parts of their life, an experience I will always treasure xxx

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