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In Memorium

29th January 2016

This website is dedicated to the lasting memory of lovely fun-loving five-year old girl from Cheltenham, known as Elizabeth Spencer, who died suddenly, and unexpectedly just before Christmas 2015. It is her mum’s wish, that […]

Elizabeth's Life

Why a Rainbow?

29th January 2016

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Elizabeth's Illness

What is HLH

29th January 2016

HLH stands for hemophagocytic lymphohistiocytosis pronounced: HEE-moh-FA-goh-SIH-tik LIM-foh-HIS-tee-oh-sy-TOH-sis HLH is a life-threatening condition.  It is often caused by an inherited problem of the immune system, which is called “primary” HLH or “familial” HLH. In patients […]