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Maggie Dove, Jemimaville

On 9th October, I had a privilege to stay with the delightful lady Maggie Dove at her lovely home in Jemimaville, Black Isle.

 Maggie is a positive, spiritual and a very active lady who knows how to use her time efficiently. Meeting Maggie was really special to me and I am so pleased that she also managed to walk few miles with me and to show me some Black Isle attractions as well as to tell about some local history.


It is very sad news but recently, Maggie also lost her precious daughter Katie.  Katie was such a beautiful woman and a talented artist who painted all her pictures only in rainbow colours which I found incredibly coincidental with my own rainbow theme!

A very big Thank You to you Maggie for being so attentive, generous and amazing host to me and for all your invaluable help and support for Elizabeth’s Footprint journey x

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