My title Mike and Patricia MacColl, Fortrose – Elizabeth's Footprint

Mike and Patricia MacColl, Fortrose

On 10th October, the amazing family of Mike and Patricia MacColl kindly offered me an overnight stay at their lovely home at Fortrose.

I had a wonderful experience staying with Mike and Patricia and enjoying their beautiful company.  They live with their daughter Emma and run family business attached to their house, a shop called Cathedral Antiques where they sell beautiful  furniture, clocks, porcelain and  glass and which I had a great joy to explore.  It was so lovely that Patricia also managed to walk with me for few miles and told me loads of “secrets” about Fortrose and about their interesting business.

From the bottom of my heart, I would like to send my greatest Thank You to Mike, Patricia and Emma for their brilliant hospitality, generosity and their so much appreciated support for Elizabeth’s Footprint journey!

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