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Derek and Heather, Conon Bridge

On 7th and 8th October, I was blessed to be invited to stay with the amazing couple Derek Arnot & Heather Shand at their lovely home at Conon Bridge, Ross-shire.

Derek and Heather knew about my journey from our common friend from Cheltenham Emma Hodkinson-Last and kindly offered me their so much appreciated support.  It was  really special to meet them both and spend two lovely days in their joyful company.  wp_20161009_12_29_17_proAlso, Derek and Heather both walked with me though Heather honoured me with her loveliest personality for two walking days as well as spent with me my entire rest day and organised a wonderful time out in Inverness.


A massive and a very special Thank You to you Derek and Heather  for being so brilliant and so caring hosts to me during these two days wp_20161008_13_50_38_proof my journey and for your incredible generosity, kindness and support for Elizabeth’s Footprint.  Sending you both my very best wishes and looking forward to meeting you again sometimes in the future xxx

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