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Vicki and Paul Shearsby, Whitehaven

On 22nd June an amazing couple, Vicki and Paul Shearsby, opened their door and invited me into their home at Whitehaven, Cumbria.  They learned about my sad story from their friend, my previous host, Emily Watson’s Facebook page and immediately offered their help.
Vicki and Paul have two sons, Jack who is 8 and Harry who is 10 months.  WP_20160622_19_44_16_Pro (3)Unfortunately Jack too has an unidentified immune system illness and two years ago he spent time at Bristol Children’s hospital.  Jack receives lots of treatment to help control his immune system but despite this he is a very sweet and kind boy.   He said to me: “l wish your little girl was here then you would be happy…” and gave me many loving hugs with a deep sympathy, far beyond his age.    
It was a very pleasant experience staying with Vicki and Paul.  WP_20160622_20_51_29_Pro (2)We had a delicious dinner cooked by Paul while Vicky was looking after the boys.
The next day I met up with Vicky and the boys again, this time for a cup of coffee and an ice cream. WP_20160623_14_15_35_Pro (2)
Having a pram, Vicky couldn’t walk with me for long but, together with children, she kept  joining me for short breaks during my time in the area.
I had a wonderful time meeting Vicky and the boys and by the time I had to say goodbye, I loved them as my dear friends.
WP_20160623_09_50_03_Pro (2)
My massive thank you to you all Vicki, Paul, Jack and Harry for your amazing support and beautiful friendship.
I so much hope to see you all again xxx
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