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My Walk Hosts

Holly and Gordon Hodge, Dalry

1st August 2016

From 19th to 21st July, I was blessed to stay with the amazing family of Holly and Gordon Hodge in their home at Dalry, North Ayrshire.  Holly and Gordon are friends of my friends and, although I […]

My Walk Hosts

Kerry and Darren Fitzpatrick, Greenfield, Flintshire

30th June 2016

On 5th of June I had the privilege of staying with an amazing couple, Kerry and Darren Fitzpatrick, at their home in Greenfield, Flintshire. Before I arrived at Kerry and Darren’s house, I had the opportunity […]

My Walk Hosts

Derek & Tamsin Thomas – St Levan, Cornwall

18th March 2016

My overnight hosts for 9th of March were  Derek and Tamsin Thomas.  They live in a beautiful and peaceful cottage at St Buryan, a beautiful village located in parish of St Levan, Cornwall. Derek Thomas […]