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Sue & Ian Barlow, Trebetherick, Cornwall

Please meet Sue and Ian Barlow,  my overnight hosts for 17th and 18th of March at Trebetherick, Cornwall.

Sue and Ian are the parents of Kate who lives in Cheltenham and who told them all about Elizabeth’s story.  They  were very willing to help me especially as they too have dealt with a similar tragedy.   They  lost their beautiful daughter, and sister, Emma at the age of 32.

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We visited Emma’s grave during my stay. We both knew that our girls were not there but could feel them watching us from above.  Sue and Ian are further on in the grieving process and trying their best to cope with this situation positively.

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Ian, a retired Classics teacher at a boarding school in Rugby, created a fabulous garden around their home where he spends the majority of his time.  He grows a wide collection of plants and flowers there and even has a wild wood area.

Sue is involved in her local church and has found spiritual help in this role. Sue walked with me and I found her to be the most wonderful personality who I will never forget, and hope to see after I finish my walk.


Their dear friend and neighbour Tom invited us all for breakfast at his house.  That evening I also met his son Mike as we all had dinner together.  Mike turned out to be a brilliant magician! We had fabulous entertainment for the evening.

Thank you so much for your kind hospitality. I very much look forward to the next time that we meet xxx

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