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Ruby & Scott Johnson, Wigtown

On 8th and 9th July the lovely family of Ruby and Scott Johnson warmly welcomed me into their home in Wigtown while I was passing through the Dumfries and Galloway region.  
Ruby and Scott are truly creative people and it was so interesting to stay within their artistic environment. Ruby loves teddy bears and has a great collection exhibited all around the house. She used to work as an art therapist and still expresses herself in craft, art and poetry, while Scott is a talented musician and a writer who also likes to invent tasty, healthy and ecologically friendly recipes. AAAedited
It was such a great experience to stay with Ruby and Scott.  They were absolutely amazing and caring hosts and made sure I was comfortable and supplied me with lots of delicious meals.  However, the most enjoyable time was spent having lovely conversations.  Ruby is Norwegian and their family lived in Norway for 20 years but they recently moved to  Scotland.  We had a lovely chat about beauty and the difference between both countries.  I loved to listen to Ruby’s amazing stories about her bohemian family and her wonderful, and sometimes tragic, life experiences.
After I left their house, Ruby wrote a beautiful poem to me which I would like to share here:
You walked brightly into our lives
– still lightfooted
after 15 miles on the road
With the love for your daughter
shining from your heart
And your bottomless grief
shadowing your lovely smile
Natalia – you have lit a beacon
for your beloved daughter
To shine around the coast of Britain
But the hearts you touch
on your way
Will never forget
the bearer of that beacon.
A massive thank you to you Ruby and Scott for inviting me into your loving and friendly home, for your overwhelming kindness, understanding and much appreciated support of Elizabeth’s Footprint journey x
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