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Rhonda and Mark Newsham, Drimnin Estate

On 18th August, I stayed with the loveliest couple Rhonda and Mark Newsham at their beautiful and welcoming home at The Drimnin Estate, on the Morvern peninsula, Argyll.


Mark is a retired firefighter and Rhonda previously worked for the British geological survey and is now promoting holidays at the Drimnin Estate.

Although l stayed with them for only one night, they both made me feel like I was their dearest friend.  They provided me and my walking companion Mhairi with luxurious rooms and offered us a feast of delicious treats.  After the dinner and rest, we went to watch a beautiful sunset with a hope to spot otters which unfortunately didn’t come out.  Yet, we spent a fabulous evening outside and I had the great pleasure to enjoy Mark and Rhonda’s company for longer when they both joined us for a few miles walk the next morning.wp_20160819_10_15_36_pro

I would like to send a huge Thank You to Rhonda and Mark for their kindness, hospitality and beautiful company, it was such a privilege to meet them both and have their amazing support for Elizabeth’s Footprint x

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