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Rainbows 2016

The symbol that represents Elizabeth is a rainbow. When Elizabeth was still alive but critically ill in hospital I knew I would do something for charity. I was so impressed and profoundly impacted by the kindness, expertise and strength of all the doctors and nurses in the PICU.

I knew I just had to do something positive and helpful for them. I hoped, with all my heart that I would do this together with Elizabeth but tragically she passed away. In those final minutes between Elizabeth’s machine being switched off and her heart beating for the final time I knew the rainbow would be her symbol.


Since then, I have been counting rainbows and I have seen them at significant moments. The first rainbow I saw was on my birthday, ten days after she passed away. The second was on the day of her funeral while travelling back from the crematorium to the church. Later that same day a third rainbow appeared like a miracle while we released beautiful coloured balloons in Elizabeth’s memory. The fourth occasion was the exact moment I made my decision to do my coastal walk; there was a massive rainbow stretching across the shoreline and the sea joining them together.

Another significant rainbow (which impressed many of Elizabeth’s school friends) was intensely bright. It occurred over St James’ Primary School at the end of Elizabeth’s friends’ first day back at school after her funeral. Every time I see a rainbow I feel a warm sensation inside of me and I believe it is Elizabeth’s way to show the world her presence.

During my walk I am going to look out for plenty of rainbows and share all of them with you on my blog …


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  1. What a beautiful child my heart breaks for you but you will always feel her around you her tinkling laughter never to grow old , bless you darling how can I help I will do anything to prove Elizabeth’s passing is not in vain xxxx

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