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Phil Verbinnen, Castlemartin – 2nd May 2016

Phil Verbinnen was my host at Castlemartin where I stayed for the night of 2nd May.  Phil learned about my campaign from Lou Bird, my host on the first night of the walk back in February. The first time I met Phil was in Tenby where he and his colleague came to support me for the 1000 miles achievement, holding a beautiful professional poster made by Oakwood Park where Phil works as the manager. 
1000 banner
Phil lives in a lovely home together with his dog Lucky. He decided to have no internet at his place and the television is there only as a decoration as it helps him to eliminate unnecessary stress. When Phil comes home he likes to spend his time with the dog, relaxing or reading books.
I too had a nice rest in Phil’s home, enjoying the peaceful and friendly atmosphere of his house. Phil was a brilliant host and made sure I had plenty of food and felt comfortable. Thank you Phil for your generosity,  kind hospitality and all of your wonderful support for Elizabeth’s Footprint sponsored walk.
Phil & Lucky
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