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Nicky MacDougall, Ardrishaig, Argyll

On 7th and 8th August, I had a privilege to be invited to the home of a truly amazing lady, Nicky MacDougall at Ardrishaig, Argyll.  Nicky heard about Elizabeth’s Footprint journey from her mum who lives in Malta and was very willing to help.  She too is a mum to her two adorable children Joni, 4 and Nicol, 2 and she was incredibly sympathetic to Elizabeth’s story.


I had such a beautiful time staying with Nicky. She provided me with everything l could need but most of all I enjoyed the cosyness of her sofa with a cup of coffee and a sincere chat.  Nicky couldn’t walk with me for the obvious reason but she drove to meet me on a few occasions for my rest time and even came to show her support a week later when I had my half-way day meeting with press in Oban.  It was a such pleasure to see her again! WP_20160807_19_38_52_Pro (2)

Honestly,  I am overwhelmed by Nicky’s kindness and generosity and feel so blessed to meet her along my way. I really hope to enjoy her genuine friendship for many years to come and from the bottom of my heart l am sending to her and her family loads of love and  my massive Thank you for being so wonderful and for the ongoing support for Elizabeth’s Footprint xxx


Nicky runs a hair salon called The Casa Argyll ltd at Ardrishaig where you too can meet her:

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