One step at a time and l am coming to the 2nd anniversary of Elizabeth joining Heaven. 10th December. The very special and poignant date that I wish I would never have in my life-time calendar; that I find impossible to celebrate still – even less possible to ignore…

On this date, my aching heart wants to honour the life of my beautiful little daughter and to do something special and meaningful in her memory.

As you all know, the best I can do is just put one foot in front of the other. So be it – I challenge myself for some 80 plus miles in 24 hours charity walk across the Isles of Lewis and Harris.

I will start walking on noon December 9th 2017 at St. Clements Church at Rodel in Harris. I will be walking north up The Golden Road towards Tarbert. keep heading north up and over The Clisham, a height of 180m above sea level and down the other side, crossing the border into Lewis and continuing North, through the longest village of Balallan and up past Stornoway and onwards across the Barvas Moor towards my end destination of the Lighthouse at the Butt of Lewis, Ness – the most northerly point on the island. I hope to finish at noon December 10th, covering the distance of 80 miles.

Of course, I am aware that it is coldest and darkest time of the year, not the best possible time for such a challenge. However, it happened that Elizabeth passed away on 10th December and it is this date that I wish to mark.

Yet, I hope to be blessed by a rainbow instead of snow and by your continuous, invaluable and so much appreciated support …

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Or go to or you can text ELIF 55 to 70070

Butt of Lewis Lighthouse, Isle of Lewis


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