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Morag and Derick Macaskill, Dornoch

From 4th to 6th October, I was really blessed to find accommodation at the home of the amazing couple Morag and Derick Macaskill at Dornoch, Sutherland.


 Morag and Derick are a wonderful and very positive  family who sadly, are also familiar with the pain of parents bereavement.  Not long time ago, they lost their beautiful daughter Sally at the young age of 27. The difference between myself and them is only that they knew Sally’s fate since she was a baby as she had an incurable illness while my Elizabeth was suddenly taken away without any single warning.

What is worst?  Morag and I do not really know because losing your precious child is always incredibly painful and there is no such thing as easier parents grief…

It was a real privilege to meet Morag and Derick and to spend some time with them sharing our experiences alongside a genuine, therapeutic conversation.  wp_20161007_07_54_30_pro-2I was even blessed to be honoured with a brilliant and emotional Derick’s performance on Scottish traditional instrument, the beauty of which I will never forget!

A very special Thank You to you Morag and Derick, for welcoming me into your warm and loving home for three days and for being absolutely wonderful, kind, generous and supportive hosts I could ever dream for!  X

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