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Kirsty Young and Matt Donald, Ormsary

From 4th to 6th August a lovely family of Kirsty Young and Matt Donald opened their door and invited me in to their welcoming home at Ormsary near Lochgilphead, Argyll.

I wasn’t very unusual for Kirsty and Matt as they used to have lots of guests in their house.  They  both love cycling and belong to a cycling club which practice exchanging accommodations with fellow cyclists.  Kirsty is a very active lady, her job is a personal trainer.  Matt works as a managing  engineer for renewable energy on a fish farm. WP_20160805_21_05_29_Pro

I had a wonderful relaxing time staying with Kirsty and Matt. They looked after me very well indeed and even took me on a boat for a lobster catching and a mackerel fishing – something I have never tried before!

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It was an unforgettable experience to float on a Scottish Loch under an amazing sunset!   Afterwards, Matt prepared us delicious sea-food dinner which we shared with their lovely friends.

A huge Thank You to Kirsty and Matt and to their children Ellie, Tess and Ruairidh for hosting me for three days including the weekend and for being so generous and caring hosts, it was a real privilege to have their kindest support for Elizabeth’s Footprint journey.

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