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Judith and Peter Hughes, Caernarfon

On 30th and 31st May I stayed with the lovely Hughes family at their home near Caernarfon. Judith and Peter live with their daughter Helen and their disabled son Stuart who is such a sweet and loving personality.
They live on a small farm with ducks, geese, turkeys and sheep.  Judith & Peter Hughes 5Judith is a keen gardener.
Judith & Peter Hughes 3She learned her skills from her dad who was a professional florist.  Peter is the treasurer of the local Rotary club.
Judith & Peter Hughes 4
I had a wonderful stay with this fabulous family, they truly made such an impact on me. They looked after me incredibly well with home-cooked dinners, packed lunches and lots of lovely conversations about all sorts of things.
Judith & Peter Hughes 2 Judith and Peter Hughes 1
I will always be grateful for my time with the Hughes family and hope to keep in touch with them in the future. xx
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