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John and Pauline Campbell, Whitehaven

On 24th and 25th of June I was welcomed by the lovely John and Pauline Campbell into their loving home in Whitehaven, Cumbria.  They live there together with their two dogs, Lucy and Simba.
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John and Pauline were extremely kind to me.  John helped to find overnight accommodation for me during the previous week and also opened his door to my son who came to visit me for a day over the weekend. They treated us both like dear friends and shared a delicious dinner and lovely conversation with us.  The next day, Pauline prepared a lovely packed lunch for both of us.  John enjoys baking fresh bread on a regular basis and each morning I woke up to the most divine smell of freshly baked bread around the house. It felt so cosy!
John and Pauline are life-loving, inspirational people with a deep faith.  They both spend a lot of time in the Elim church at Whitehaven. John is a minister there and Pauline is a service leader.  I really loved being in their company and having the opportunity to talk about my spiritual doubts and questions.  Before I said my goodbye to them, John and Pauline prayed for me and gave me a precious present, my personal little bible which can answer my questions in the future. It was very special. WP_20160626_08_58_23_Pro (2)
My wholehearted thank you to you both, John and Pauline, for your warm hospitality, generosity, kindness and for making us feel like such special guests. 
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