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Jane & Mark Downey, Llanbedr – 23rd May 2016

On 23rd of May, I was hosted by an amazing couple called Jane and Mark Downey at their lovely cottage in Llanbedr, North Wales. Jane and Mark have a son Luke, 10, and they both work for CMC Adventure Pensarn Harbour, a charity organisation which provides outdoor activities.
They read about my story in a newspaper at the very beginning of my journey, back in February, and immediately offered their help with accommodation.
I had a wonderful and unique experience staying at their house as the family has a great interest in animals, especially Mark who adores reptiles. They are happy owners of 29 tortoises, 15 adult snakes, 18 juvenile snakes, 3 cats and 3 chickens. I took great pleasure in learning about the history of Mark’s unique collection and, for the first time in my life, holding a Corn snake and playing with the funny Chinese softshell turtles through the terrarium glass.

Jane & Mark Downey 3 (1)Jane & Mark Downey 4 (1)
Jane, Mark and Luke made me feel very comfortable at their house and I spent an unforgettable evening in their company. Jane cooked us a delicious dinner with homemade Moroccan tagine and gorgeous panna cotta. Afterwards, we had a lovely rest enjoying a cup of coffee, the sea view and Luke’s chatting – he has the most charming and funny personality. He was very excited about my fundraising effort and had lots of ideas how he may also raise funds in support of Elizabeth’s Footprint! It was so lovely to hear and I am really looking forward to meeting Luke again.

Jane and Mark Downey 2

A massive thank you to Jane, Mark and Luke for such great support, kindness and generosity which I will appreciate and remember forever.

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  1. Natalia, it was very much our pleasure and I am sorry we couldn’t do more, we think of you often and remember in our conversations and prayers – you are amazing!

    With very kind regards Mark, Jane and Luke

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