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Ian and Leesa Gunn, Swiney

On 29th September, I had a privilege to stay for a night with a lovely family of Ian and Leesa Gunn at their beautiful home in Swiney, Caithness.

Ian and Leesa’s family is big and absolutely delightful as they have got four sweet and adorable children: Findlay,10, Susannah, 9, Lucy, 6 and Samuel, 4.  In addition, wp_20160929_18_51_24_proI had a great pleasure to met Leesa’s  wonderful mum  Marea Foulis and it was a very nice experience to spend some time in their friendly and loving company.

From the bottom of my heart I would like to thank Ian, Leesa and all their family for welcoming me into their house and for being so attentive, kind, generous and supportive hosts to me but especially to Elizabeth’s Footprint journey! X

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