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Heidi Loughlin, Portishead

WP_20160409_11_04_17_Pro (2)On the 8th and 9th of April I was hosted by a truly inspirational lady called Heidi Loughlin.  Heidi was diagnosed with an aggressive form of breast cancer during her pregnancy last year.  As she needed treatment as a matter of urgency, she gave birth to her daughter prematurely at 28 weeks; this was on December 11th, the day after Elizabeth passed away.  Sadly her daughter caught a virus and she passed away eight days later.

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I met Heidi on day two of my Walk of Love in Weymouth and we spent a couple of hours chatting. I am truly amazed at Heidi’s strength. Not only did Heidi host me, she walked with me and arranged for many of her friends to walk too. On the Saturday, she arranged a fantastic fundraising event for families in Portishead at which £1925 was raised for Elizabeth’s Footprint, an amazing achievement.

Words really cannot express the gratitude and the admiration that I have for her.

Please do take time to read more about her on her blog:

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