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Gill and Ian Barker, Kirkbride

On 26th to 28th of June I was privileged to stay with the lovely Gill and Ian Barker and their wonderful children: twins, Eloise and Isaac, 2.5 years and Edward who is four. WP_20160629_07_39_30_Pro (2)
They live in the picturesque little village of Kirkbride in Cumbria with gorgeous views to the fields with horses and cows.
Gill and Ian are both teachers in a secondary school, both working hard trying to maintain a balance between working in school, exam marking and childcare at home. Looking at their well organised lifestyle, I thought they must be superhuman.
Gill and Ian are very keen on the outdoors and love walking.  On the first day Gill joined me for a short walk and shared her memories of the time when they completed Hadrian’s Walk of 190 miles. These days they like to take their children outdoors as much as it is possible.
Gill and Ian were absolutely lovely hosts to me and looked after me like I was their dear friend. I had plenty of food, a comfortable room and every other essential that I could need for my three night stay. Gill also organised a special evening where she invited a group of her friends to join us. They had all met at a breastfeeding group and made a beautiful friendship for years to come.
WP_20160627_20_16_41_ProIt was so lovely to see them all coming to meet and support me. We all had dinner and a mile long midnight walk which I thought was very special. Some of the ladies joined me later that week for longer walks too.
A massive wholehearted thank you to Gill and Ian for their amazing kindness, hospitality and generosity. I send them loads of love and one day I hope to see them again xxx
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