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Garry and Rachel Raynor, Helmsdale

On 2nd and 3rd October, I had a great pleasure to stay with the amazing couple Garry and Rachel Raynor at Helmsdale, Sutherland.


 Garry and Rachel are a very creative couple with a quite unique ( from my perspective) professional skills – they both are weaving  baby wraps which are proved to be extremely wp_20161004_08_58_35_propopular all over the world!  I believe, that is because they are weaved with so much love and kindness that people can feel it even through distance.

wp_20161003_17_04_54_proPlease, have a look at their products on Facebook page called Weaving Heart or, clicking on the link below:

Rachel is truly passionate about  weaving and she has her beautiful equipment  on display all over the house.  I had such a great pleasure  to learn about this totally unfamiliar for me weaving business from her.  Apart from weaving, Gary also has a passion to wooden craft and creates some wonderful  wooden decorations for order.


From the bottom of my heart I would like to send a massive Thank You to Rachel and Gary for sharing with me their loving home for two nights and for being absolutely wonderful, generous, kind and supportive hosts I could ever dream for!  I am so grateful to them both for honouring me with their inspirational company and for  their genuine,  invaluable support for Elizabeth’s Footprint journey xxx

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