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Fred Luckman, Newport – 14th May 2016

Fred Luckman and his family kindly welcomed me into their home in Newport on 14th of May. Fred lives there together with his children but, sadly, Fred is also familiar with parents’ grief.  A few years ago he lost his 12 years old son Supine and, like me, he keeps Supine’s memory shining through by annual fundraising events and helping others in need.  When Fred learned about my story he immediately offered his support.
Fred Luckman 2
Fred was a brilliant host and he surrounded me with care and comfort. It was my rest day so I had the opportunity to spend a bit more time with Fred and get to know him better. I learned that he has a strong faith and that the spirit of his precious son Supine is always near. We had a sincere conversation about our faiths and feelings.  Since Supine passed away, Fred and his partner Josie follow a unique lifestyle that has no material values.
Thanks to Fred, I met some people who live in low impact dwellings in turf-roofed wooden roundhouses.  I was thrilled to be invited into one of these absolutely fabulous eco-houses for a cup of coffee and I am sure I will never forget such an interesting experience.
From the bottom of my heart I would like to thank Fred for being so kind and responsive to the adversity of other people. He is also a passionate supporter of vulnerable refugees and asylum seekers and, on behalf of others and myself, I thank him for his amazingly kind heart.
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