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Emma & Graham Howells, Castlemartin – 3rd May 2016

Emma and Graham Howells have kindly provided me with accommodation for a night on 3rd May, my 68th walking day.


Emma & Graham live in Castlemartin and have two wonderful children Otis and Daisy and a cute dog Duke.  They follow a simple lifestyle trying to enjoy the outdoors as much as possible and have no  television at their home. Emma has a great interest in her family wellbeing, yoga classes and  beauty therapy.  Graham worked as an accredited teacher of coasteering adventure in the past,  but decided to have a career change and set up a more peaceful, less adventurous Carpentery business which is his passion.  He  has a small company called Greenman Carpentry located in the  perfect spot nearby Freshwater West beach, Pembrokeshire and has made himself, the majority of things at their house. Please have a look at



I had a great pleasure staying with Emma, Graham and family and enjoyed learning about their own life experiences.  With the whole of my heart I  would like to thanks them for  their warm hospitality and  the kind support l received during my stay.

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