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Daniel and Jo Rubens, Penzance

In Penzance, when I finished my Walk of Love day 20, I was blessed to walk directly into house of my overnight hosts Daniel and Jo Rubens.

Daniel and Jo family consist of  three beautiful daughters Eliza, Nataliya and Beatrice as well as a crazy but very cute puppy and a well-behaved cat.  They all live in a small house and do not have a spare room for guests.  However, their oldest daughter Eliza kindly shared with me her cosy room while she had overnight sleep with other sisters.

Dan and Jo home has a  welcoming and loving atmosphere and I had a really positive experience to be part of their family for a night.  Jo prepared lovely dinner for all of us and we had a nice chat afterwards, accompanied by a cup of coffee and a cheerful puppy.  I found out that Daniel is the Pastor at Elim Penzance church and I enjoyed learning about his rewarding profession. It is a shame l didn’t stay with them on Sunday as l could have an opportunity to join his service.

It was a real pleasure to meet this wonderful family on my way and l would like to thanks them for being such welcoming and kind hosts to me.  I sent my best wishes to all of them and hope for another meeting one day.

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