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Colin and Ann Knowlson – Kinmel Bay

On the 3rd and 4th of June I stayed with a lovely couple called Colin and Ann Knowlson who learned about my story from a mutual friend and kindly offered to accommodate me at their home in Abergele.

It was an amazing experience to stay with Colin and Ann.  They live in a beautiful house together with a cat and a dog and have their daughter’s family nearby.  Their lovely home showed a presence of their family’s rich history which I enjoyed learning about.

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 I I found out that Colin Knowlson is an owner of the well- known Slaters of Abergele motor company which originated, and has stayed, as a family businesses.
WP_20160604_17_49_18_Pro (2) Apart from his job, Colin has a great interest in vintage cars.  He is the proud owner of a famous shiny red fire engine and a few other gorgeous mechanical trophies.  He keeps his treasures along with other historical objects, images and documents in his garage which he has converted to a mini museum.  
Ann’s main hobby is gardening and she has created a beautiful garden.  The family is a member of the National Gardens Scheme and they help charities by inviting people to visit their fabulous garden and transport museum and treat them with a cup of tea and a piece of homemade cake.  Sometimes they have up to two hundred visitors a day!
Colin and Ann looked after me very nicely, making sure that I had a peaceful and a comfortable rest.  They provided me with a luxurious en-suite room, delicious dinners and a special Audrey Hepburn style ride around the town in the Sunbeam Tiger car.  
Dear Ann and Colin, thank you ever so much for your understanding, generosity and kindness which is greatly appreciated and will be never forgotten xx

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