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Ceinwen & David Were, Pembroke 1st May 2016

A massive thank you to the lovely Ceinwen & David Were who hosted me at their home in Pembroke on 1st May.  Their daughter Rhian heard about my sponsored walk from a friend and she arranged my overnight stay.  Rhian lives in London but she visited her parents on that weekend and I met her on a few occasions. She and her boyfriend Rob also walked with me for half a day despite the soaking rain.
In the evening, we had a great time eating a delicious home cooked dinner and talking about many interesting subjects which the family had learned of during their happy marriage. Their interests varied from candle making in 70s to mushroom growing in the 80s and self sufficiency courses.
Nowadays, David and Ceinwen spend their leisure time drumming sambas’ tunes in a local samba band. Ceinwen is learning sign language and she taught us some basics.
I would like to thank them one more time for their wonderful hospitality and amazing support of Elizabeth’s Footprint campaign.
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