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Carolyn MacDonald, Tarbert

On 26th July, I had a privilege to stay for a night with an amazing lady Carolyn MacDonald and Blue, her beautiful dog  at their home at Tarbert.

Carolyn lives in the lovely  picturesque part of the town  WP_20160727_09_50_40_Richand she is an owner of The Starfish, a well known and well loved restaurant there.     WP_20160727_09_49_17_Rich

That is where Carolyn invited me for a dinner and I chose the most delicious meal – the hearty fish pie and delightful Strawberries Pavlova.


Unfortunately, I didn’t spend much time with Carolyn as she worked until late and I had to leave early in the morning.  Yet, l am grateful that we managed to have a little chat with a cup of coffee together before l left.

A huge Thank You to you Carolyn  for being so wonderful and a generous host to me. I  so much appreciate your kindness and support towards this challenging journey xxx

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