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Alexa and Anson MacAuslan, Berridale

On 30th September and 1st October, I was privileged to be accommodated by an amazing family of Alexa and Anson MacAuslan at their lovely home at Berriedale, Caithness.

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Alexa and Anson live at the huge sporting Estate where Anson is a factor (manager).  They have two absolutely adorable daughters Elsie, 5 and Molly, 3 with who I had a great pleasure to spend my rest day.  wp_20161001_11_35_46_pro

Anson and the girls kindly introduced me to the famous attractions around the estate.   They showed me a real fight of stags during deer’s mating season, a trophy house with hundreds of stag heads and an impressive private garden.

wp_20161001_14_29_20_proAfterwards, they took me for a yummy picnic on the sunny beach with a beautiful and lasting rainbow as a background!

I am so very grateful to the wonderful MacAuslan family, for such a beautiful day in their company and of course, for providing me with a home for two nights and for being so kind, generous and attentive to me as hosts!.  It certainly could be one of the best weekends to remember if only I didn’t manage to break my tooth☹

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