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Poem for Elizabeth

My Little one … My sweet Elizabeth …

You were an amazing and very special girl – a very life loving and always happy … You were my little ‘chatterbox’ with infectious smile and very kind, generous, caring heart full of love … you had a pure soul … you were exceptionally beautiful inside and outside too …

You were just perfect but …

God gave you a short life – you lived only for 5 years, 6 months, 11 days, 18 hours and 8 minutes …

There are millions words which I would like to use to describe your wonderful nature and tell the world about our brilliant time together … but I will keep it to my heart and treasure my memories until I meet you again …

And even million words could not possibly describe the sorrow and pain I feel because I cannot be with you at this moment and cannot hear your laugh or hold your little hand …

I have to wait and thanks God that each minute, hour, day brings me closer to you …

I have written you a poem – from a broken mother’s heart to a daughter’s spirit …

Just for You …Rainbow_Cat… Rainbow Cat

Somewhere you are having a welcoming party –
With Angels and the friends who you’ve just met,
And I am sure you have lovely presents
Perhaps you received a rainbow cat.

I imagine your smile and beautiful face,
I can hear your voice, chatting loud to God –
‘O Dear Farther, please, tell me a story
Of how you created this beautiful world!’

For now you live in a wonderful place
And play in God’s Garden whenever you please
For Jesus knows, your absolute Faith
Was never corrupted, was never replaced.

Jesus looked from above on such glorious child
Who loved dearly animals and was thrilled with nature,
Who had heart of a gold – very gentle and kind.
A happy, generous soul … His ever pure creature!

Jesus knew, you are skilled for a different birth
And He called you to Heaven … to keep you happy in peace.
And while I am still here, grieving on Earth,
I will pray to Lord for you, until I breathe.

I will always thanks God for His Holy grace –
You are forever my most precious present!
For all the delight and the joy you have brought to my face,
I will pray to Lord and ever feel blessed.

I will deeply treasure memories of you … I will always love you … until …
One day I will come to you and to God!
Although I don’t know when, as it is only God’s will …
But we shall reunite again for happy ever after in Jesus’s divine world!

Because I miss you so much, until that day I will hurt and cry
But I feel in my heart you will not know that.
You shall be busy … you shall learn with Angels to fly …
You shall play in God’s garden with your rainbow cat …
I LOVE you forever ……

Mummy xxxxX

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