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Rachel and Chris Kersey, Llangwm – 6th – 7th May 2016

A massive thank you to an amazing couple Rachel and Chris Kersey who kindly hosted me on 6th and 7th May at their lovely home in Llangwm, Pembrokeshire. 
Rachel and Chris built their house by themselves and it is a really beautiful place to live in with a peaceful garden which feels like a real paradise. The couple have four children, three boys Jack, Harry and Oli and an adorable girl called Meg. Rachel’s parents Alan and Pam also live next door and I had the great pleasure of meeting their whole family.
Rachel found out about my story in a newspaper and shared it with her family who offered their kind help even though it took them 45 minutes to drive to collect me and the same time to drop me off.  From the very beginning Rachel and her family showed me amazing kindness and support.  Rachel and Meg baked a lovely cake and treated me with a generous piece of it as soon as I walked in their home and they also gave me a lovely rainbow headband. Oli shared his comfortable room with me and they gave me delicious homemade dinners, made sure I was comfortable and they were genuinely interested in my fundraising campaign.
I had a wonderful time staying with Rachel and Chris’s family, especially as I stayed with them for my rest day.  Rachel and Meg asked me what l would like to do for my day off and were very excited when I mentioned a trip to Skomer Island.  The next day we had lovely weather and the three of us went to Skomer, an island famous for its’ Puffins.  Neither of us had been there before and we fully enjoyed this wonderful place with bluebells, rabbits and friendly puffins. It was a very special trip for me as Elizabeth really liked puffins.  Thanks to Rachel and Meg, I had the pleasure of seeing them for both of us, and I will never forget this experience.
After the trip to Skomer, Rachel and Meg took me to their favourite café and treated me to a nice cup of coffee, making this weekend even more special.  
Thank you Rachel, Chris, Meg, Oli, Jack and Harry!  It was a real privilege to be a little part of your big and wonderful family xx
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